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A sweater-dress can be wore also just as a sweater or like you mean it! I must admit I tried both options (as a sweater and as a dress) and I liked more the second option. It still looks so nice as a dress, but I would prefer that option without tights, so meanwhile that day arrives… I wear as a sweater :)

It’s Thursday already… So happy :) Kiss!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Pues sí, un vestido de punto también se puede llevar como jersey largo y tengo que decir que probé ambas opciones (como vestido y como jersey) y me gustó más así. No porque no quede ideal como vestido, si no porque me gusta más como queda sin medias así que mientras llega ese día…. Lo aprovecho como jersey :)

Qué bien, ya jueves :) Besitos!

I’m wearing:

Chaqueta/Jacket – Sheinside (old)

Jersey/Sweater – Lavand via Buylevard

Jeans – Zara (AW 13/14)

Cinturón/Belt – Zara (old)

Bolso/Bag – Purificación Garcia

Tacones/Heels – Carolina Herrera

Gafas de sol/Sunglasses – Dior – Opticas Pelaez

Pulseras/Bracelets – Lowlita&you


  1. Pero que guapa!!! No sabes como me gusta el look de hoy!! Te sienta genial!! Me das envidita jejeje pero buena eh?? Un besito!! Lindo día!!

  2. Hello gorgeous, I first would like to compliment on the beautiful sunshine, as I think everybody in the world got fed up with constant rains! Beautiful styling apart from the shopper bag, sorry darling, I just think it is too bulky to go together with your beautiful outfit. love <3 Zhanna,

  3. Ayy me encanta ese bolso! Que bien le sacas partido a todo :)
    El vestido es muy bonito! Tiene una espalda preciosa, en cuanto te lo puedas poner sin medias fijo que te queda espectacular!
    Muchos besitos :)

  4. Precioso look, como siempre. Los zapatos me encantan ¡¡¡¡ y no tengo ni idea donde puedo encontrarlos. Podrías decirme dónde los compraste? Por internet tampoco los encuentro,
    Un beso

  5. You look so beautiful. Your look is perfect in every single detail! Concerning your lovely fluffy jacket: about two weeks ago, it was tagged (among many many other items) with «coming soon» at sheinside.com. So I immediately had an «online help chat» with sheinside to check out when it will be restocked. They told me «sometime in March». Now, however, the jacket and the other items I put on my wishlist are no longer tagged with «coming soon», so I started a new online chat today. The producers seem to be unable to set a specific date…. Sheinside cannot give any concrete answers about the jacket right now. When I asked why an article that has been sold out for such a long time now is still displayed in the shop, they told me that best-selling items are shown further in the shop and marked «sold out» and that they try to restock such items. So there might still be hope for your readers who fell in love with this jacket ;-)

    1. I remember that this jacket went sold out so fast!!! I can’t believe I was lucky enough and I love it :) It always adds that romantic and chic touch that we love! I tried to find one similar but it have been impossible.. I cross my fingers for you, hehe :)

      1. I found a very very similar one at dorothyperkins.com, but without embellishments. Actually sold out as well, but every now and then, one single jacket is available again for somebody returned it. In the preceding 4 weeks, I ordered 3 jackets (for my friends and for myself) ;-), but I had to click on the website several times a day to be the first one who grabs the returned jackets! All of the jackets I ordered are size 38 (corresponding to size S here), and it is a bit long for me, so I think of shortening it a bit. I would rather like to buy the one of sheinside and sell the other one (this is the reason why I am looking for the jacket at sheinside every day…). You write that you tried to find a similar one….I assume in order to refer your readers to it…I can tell you that my jacket from dorothyperkins is also available in black as a coat (could also be shortened). Just in case somebody is interested…

        1. …..have to admit that it looks a bit strange on the pictures. But it is really beautiful and it would be best to leave the jacket/coat open. The material is really light, and if the jacket/coat is left open, the front part falls softly and looks very much like your jacket ;-)

  6. Outfit perfecto Jessie! Qué color y talla es el vestido que llevas de los tres que salen en la página? Por cierto, estaría genial que actualizaras la pestaña OUTFITS para que podamos inspirarnos teniendo todos tus conjuntos más a mano (espero que no te siente mal) :$
    Un besazo guapa!!

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