DIY : Scarf Skirt

Good morning girls!

As I told you yesterday, I have something very special «My first video and My first DIY», yay!! I have to admit it was a bit difficult to edit the video but I think the result is excellent considering that it is the first. I promise it’s the first of many! Hope you like it ;)

All you need to do your skirt is: a scarf ( I will look for one with kind of tissue like cotton), a hair rubber hand (better if it’s black) and some pins. As advice I tell you I wear under the «skirt» a pair of black shorts. What do you think? I love it and I thinking about to wear this skirt even for going to the beach! The music is from a group called «Quarter» and the song is «The flame». They are from Germany and I love it! You can find the group in myspace here.

Now, I have to cook the lunch because today we have a picnic again! Here the sun shines like the hell and that’s so good, 25ºC! God, am I crazy or that is real? haha!

Then, after picnic I will show my outfit! Have a beautiful day and talk to you later ;)

DIY: Skirt scarf from Jessie Chanes on Vimeo.